Longarm Quilting Services


I offer a range of services to add a professional finish to your quilt.

Below I have explained the various methods of quilting your quilt and would be happy to discuss these further if you have any questions. 

I own a Bernina Q24 long arm quilting machine with a computerised Intelliquilter system. This enables you to choose from hundreds of inbuilt designs or choose from the thousands available online for a minimal cost. I can also freehand a design for you if you would prefer. 

I use high quality threads from a variety of sources with a huge range of colours to choose from. 

1 Edge to Edge


A single pattern is repeated all over your quilt in rows, regardless of the piecing or applique. This is also known as pantograph, all over quilting and continuous line quilting. This is the most affordable and fastest service and looks fabulous on all types of quilts, traditional or modern. 

2 Semi Custom

This is a combination of a simple overall design along with some custom border, sashing or block designs. There is no stitch in the ditch. It is more labour intensive than edge to edge quilting but an economical alternative to full custom work. 

3 Full Custom


Quilt blocks may be individually quilted and the border has a separate quilting design. Custom quilting can include stitch in the ditch, cross hatching, outlining of applique, background fill and more.  

4 Basting


I can baste your quilt for you to save you the back breaking work of pinning or spray basting your quilt sandwich. Lines are basted in a grid or a meandering pattern to provide a stable surface for you to complete your own quilting. 

5 Binding


I can sew on your pre-made, pressed binding ready for you to hand or machine stitch to the back of your quilt. This is charged per inch.