Price Guide for Longarm Quilting Services

Please feel free to contact me to discuss a quote for your quilt.

You can find a guideline of my pricing structure below, however quilts will be quoted on an individual basis. 

EDGE TO EDGE - $4.75 per square foot for an edge to edge design depending on density of design. Some very dense designs attract a 50c surcharge.  Minimum charge for edge to edge quilting $60. 

RUSH FEE - Need your quilt quickly? I charge a rush fee of $100 and can offer a 24 hour service for edge to edge quilting. Please get in touch to discuss as this will not always be possible. Not available on weekend days.


CUSTOM - Custom quilting will be charged at different rates depending on complexity.  

  • Simple custom is priced from $9.00 per square foot. This may be a simple meander and different border option but no stitch in the ditch or ruler work.

  • A medium density design is from $12.00 per square foot. Some ruler work and different designs in blocks and borders.

  • High density including stitch in the ditch and ruler work is from $16 per square foot.

If you have a budget for custom quilting please let me know in advance so that I can work with you on suitable design options. Minimum charge for custom quilting $100. If your quilt needs turning to complete borders there will be an additional fee of $25.


I do not charge a quilt setup fee or for any thread colour changes. 

THREAD - Thread is included in the price. 


WADDING - I offer quality Matilda's Own wadding for purchase including 60/40 Wool Poly, 80/20 Cotton Poly, 100% Cotton, 100% Bamboo and 100% Polyester. I also offer Hobbs Tuscany 100% Wool wadding.


BASTING - $2.75 per square foot. This enables you to quilt your own quilt tops without the back breaking work of basting with pins. 


BINDING - 10c per inch to attach your pre-made, joined and ironed binding to the front of your quilt. This does not include hand stitching or machine sewing to the back of the quilt.

                  - 30c per inch to make binding using your fabric and attach to front and finish by machine sewing to the back.

OTHER SERVICES - Will be charged at $50 per hour. Please ensure you have read the requirements in the FAQ's for your

quilt preparation to avoid any extra costs.


Quilt backs need to be at least 10" wider and 10" longer than quilt tops. 

For custom quilts I need backing at least 16" wider to allow for doing ruler work in the borders.


Wadding needs to be at least 5" wider and 5" longer than quilt tops. 


How do I work out how many square feet my quilt top is?

Measure the length and width of your quilt and muliply these together. Divide this number by 144 to get the square foot measurement of your quilt. 


For example, if your quilt is 80" by 72" multiply 80 x 72 = 5760

57600÷144 = 40 square feet.


40 x $4.75 = $190 for an allover edge to edge design.